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Welcome to LINZ on RECOLLECT

Welcome to LINZ Images on Recollect


These Field Book images are the result of a digitisation project by Land Information New Zealand in 2017-2018. The books are for the North Island and up to 1971.

The Recollect image management system is an interim step used to get the results of the digitisation project widely available until we can link the images through Landonline. Field books are multi-page items so it is a complex process and we need to ensure our systems are robust and reliable. We are making the images available like this to allow people to search and use them immediately, and will transition to Landonline once our broader digital solution is operational.


  • Books are digitised in reading order, going left-to-right from a designated front cover.
  • Images are individually numbered in sequential order – but these are the images not the page numbers.
  • Images show “front cover” and “back cover”.
  • All pages with any writing on them are digitised, while blank pages are skipped over with a note saying “Blank pages(s)”.
  • Any fold-outs in field book pockets are at the end, after the “back cover”.
  • Any plans or items attached inside the pages are folded out and done as an individual image.